Nichiri Manufacturing Co., Ltd. pays utmost attention to privacy protection.
The concept of privacy of Nichiri Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereafter, our company) is as follows.

1. Basic idea of ​​our privacy

The idea of ​​privacy is applied to users who use our service.

The personal information collected when the user uses our service is managed according to our privacy policy. Personal information involving our business partners is also managed according to the privacy policy.

When you register to our service, we will ask you personal information such as user’s name, e-mail address.

Users may also ask for personal information when using our services. Depending on the type of service you use, you may ask for detailed personal information.

2. Information Disclosure

We will not sell or rent personal information.
However, in the following cases, we may disclose personal information.

● When there is user consent regarding information disclosure and sharing
● In cases where it is deemed necessary to disclose or share destinations, introducers, etc. to suppliers and shipping destinations of services and products in order to provide products and services that the user desires
● If you receive formal inquiries based on law from court or public agencies such as police
● In the event that the user’s actions on the site are contrary to the terms and conditions of the service and it is deemed necessary for the protection of other customers, rights of the site, property and services, etc.
● If there is imminent danger to human life, body, property, etc. and there is an urgent necessity

We acknowledge that you own the right to seek disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc concerning personal data possessed by you, and in the case of these requests from customers, in accordance with laws and regulations, We will respond promptly.

In addition, we are required to obtain proof that the claimant is the customer himself or a legitimate agent in connection with the request for disclosure, so we will charge you according to the prescribed form. Please contact us for the prescribed form.

In addition, we charge a prescribed fee for each request once we make a request for disclosure.

3. Information storage / operation

In order to prevent the leakage, loss etc. of personal information, we have set up a person responsible for the protection of personal information, and necessary and appropriate guidance and supervision for all staff related to this site including employees and contractor affiliated companies We will endeavor to provide sufficient safety protection, and we will properly manage your personal information so that we keep personal information accurate and up to date.

We inform the users of our site about information related to this service, information that we deemed useful to us by our discretion among information from third parties that our company signed a separate contract, other information from us You can offer different types of services to each user, from time to time, by setting up a type in the user by e-mail magazine etc. operated by our company.

4. Compliance with laws and regulations

Regarding the handling of personal information, we will comply with laws and other norms concerning personal information including personal information protection law.
Registrants and service users of our site use must also comply with this personal information policy and related laws and regulations.

5. Acquisition of appropriate personal information and consent to use

In order to use our service, you agree to the terms of service.
If you do not agree to the terms of use, we can not use this site.

In our service, you can use this site on condition that you agree to the terms of service at the time of registration.
Our service will use only the personal information of the user who properly agree to the terms of service for the operation of this site.

6. About security

● User’s registration information is password protected for user’s privacy protection and security.
● Your server is making efforts to take maximum security measures within the feasible range.
● We will use industry standard SSL encryption to protect data transmission when necessary.

7. Handling of cookie and IP address information

We do not consider cookies and IP address information to be information that can identify individuals by themselves. Please understand that it may not be possible to use this site in a browser that refuses to use cookies.

At our company, we use access log file to investigate user’s trend.
By doing this, we can obtain statistical site usage information on IP address etc, but we do not use it for collection and analysis of personal information.

8. Disclaimer

As stated above, our service users can not provide third-party information using information for purposes other than use on this site.
All users of our service are obliged to comply with our personal information protection policy and various laws and regulations.

However, if the service user does not comply with this personal information protection policy and various laws, or ignoring this personal information protection policy and various laws and abuses personal information, it is outside the scope of our management responsibility, Person shall bear the responsibility individually.

9. Application and revision of this policy

The contents of this policy will be applied from the date of publication of this website. In addition, this policy may be revised without prior notice at the request of laws and ordinances or other cases we deemed necessary. (The latest information will be posted on this website)

10. Language

The original language of the this policy is Japanese; in the event that there is a discrepancy in the interpretation of the original Japanese text and the English language translation, the original Japanese text shall have priority.