Multiple Wavelength UV/Vis Detector

UV8810 Multiple Wavelength UV/Vis Detector

UV8810 covers a wide wavelength range (195 nm ~ 700 nm) by two light sources (deuterium lamp: wavelength range 195 ~ 365 nm and tungsten halogen lamp: wavelength 370 ~ 700 nm).
Analyte having an absorbance of wavelength between 195 and 700 nm is detected.
Analysis of aromatic compounds, dye, protein, and pharmaceutics are major applications.
Sensitivity is optimized by selecting a maximum absorption wavelength of target compounds.

UV8810 Multiple Wavelength UV/Vis Detector



Optical Design Monk Girison type, Grating Grooves 1,200 lines/mm
Dual Beam, Single Flow Cell
Wavelength Range 195~700 nm
Light Sources euterium (D²) lamp (195~365 nm),
tungsten halogen lamp (370~700 nm)
Measuring Range 0.0005~2 AU/FS *1
Time Constant 0.05 / 1.0 / 3.0
Zero Balance Auto Zero, Manual Zero
Flow Cell ID: 1.2 mm ID, Path Length: 10 mm
Signal Input Marker: TTL level or Contact Closure *2
Auto Zero: TTL level or Contact Closure
Signal Output Recorder: 10 mV/FS
Integrator: 1V/256×10-6 RIU、1V/64×10-6 RIU
Marker: Recorder+1mV or Contact Closure
Leak: Contact Closure
Wetted Material SST, PEEK, Quartz
Leak Sensor Thermistor
Dimensions 260 mm (W) ×165 mm (H) × 450 mm (D)
Output Recorder 10 mV/FS, Integrator 1 V/AU
Power Supply AC100V, 50/60 Hz, 80VA

*1 Absorbance Unit per Full Scale
*2 Transistor-Transistor Logic

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