C2M8800 Contactless Conductivity Detector

C2M8800 Contactless Conductivity Detector is the newest member of Nichiri conductivity detector family.

Though it is a flow type detector, electrodes have no contact with solutions passing through.

An exhaustion of electrode over time, which is inevitable with traditional conductivity detector design, is minimal for C2M8800 therefore.

In food and beverage industries use pure water and ultrapure water to keep a consistent quality of products and monitor a purity of pure water and ultrapure water by conductivity detector daily basis. Conventional conductivity detector, however, requires daily maintenance to keep good reproducibility.

Long term maintenance-free operation ability is well suit for process monitoring application.

In addition to working and counter electrodes, C2M8800 has 3rd electrode (Barrier electrode so called) to prevent an influence of ambient magnetic noise.

C2M8800 Contactless Conductivity Detector


Measuring Method Permittivity (dielectric constant)
Measuring Range 0 ~ 10 μS/cm-1: electrode width 25mm, frequency 1 kHz
Sensitivity 0.285 nS/cm
Solution: effluent from suppressor (approx. 600 μS NaOH)
Response Time 0.5 sec*1
Auto Zero Measuring Range
Cell Volume 0.2 μL (gap between the electrodes)
Wetted Material PTFE, PEEK
Signal Input Marker: TTL level or Contact Closure *1
Auto Zero: TTL level or Contact Closure
Signal Output Recorder: 10 mV/FS
Integrator: 1V/Range
Marker: Recorder+1mV or Contact Closure
Leak: Contact Closure
Dimensions 150 mm(H) x 210 mm(W) x 320mm(D) mm
Weight 4kg

*1 Transistor-Transistor Logic