CM8800 Conductivity Detector

Back in 1980’s, we introduced first generation of our conductivity detector – model CM8000 that was optimized for non-suppressor ion chromatography application.

Model CM8000 and its successors have been well accepted by the world market.

New model – CM8800, which is built around the successful core technologies with solid application know-how and comprehensive industry knowledge, achieves to reduce drift (down from 3.0 nS/hour to the level less than 1.5 nS/hour) and noise (down from 0.29 nS/cm to the level less than 0.095 nS/cm).

Front panel has a dock for smartphone like user interface that is detachable from the unit for you to monitor detector reading in a remote location.

Conductivity Detector



Detection Quadruple Electrodes
Measuring Range 0~10,000 μS/cm
Range 10 μS/cm, 100μS/cm, 1000 μS/cm, 10000μS/cm
Response Time 0.5 sec
Noise 0.095 nS/cm*1
Drift 1.5 nS・cm-1/hour*1
Auto Zero Measuring Range
Flow Cell Internal Volume: approx. 0.5 μL(gap between the electrodes),
Pressure Rating: 1.0 MPa
Cell Temperature Control 30, 35, 40, 45℃,(Precision:±0.5℃)
Wetted Material 316 SST, PTFE, PEEK
Input Marker: TTL or Contact Closure *2
Auto Zero: TTL or Contact Closure
Output Recorder: 10 mV/FS
Integrator: 1 V/Range
Marker: Recorder output + 1 mV, Contact Closure
Leak: Contact Closure
Dimensions 210(W)×320(D)×150(H) mm
Weight approx.4 kg
Power Supply AC100V, 50/60 Hz, 240 VA

*1 Solution: effluent from suppressor (eluent: about 600 μS NaOH)
*2 Transistor-Transistor Logic