Ion Removal System AR8020

Anion selective removal type



This device is an electro-regenerative ion removal system. The device is designed to produce high-purity solutions, e.g. acids and bases. Two electrodes are installed in the device, and a cation exchange resin or an anion exchange resin with high exchange capacity is filled between the electrodes. By passing an electric current between the electrodes, the filled ion exchange resin can be regenerated electrically. In other words, while the current is flowing, the cation exchange resin is exchanged to the H type and the anion exchange resin is exchanged to the OH type and regenerated. Therefore, there is no need to regenerate the ion exchange resin with chemical acid or base solutions.

In addition, there is a bipolar interface between the electrodes, which is formed by the resin and the ion exchange membrane. This interface is necessary to produce high purity solutions, e.g. acid, base and pure water. The amount of ions that can be removed can be adjusted by the amount of current flowing between the electrodes. A fluorinated cation exchange membrane, which is chemically stable, is installed on the two electrode surfaces. This enables continuous, stable, and efficient removal of ions from the solution under a high current density of 700 mA/cm2. Since the amount of ions removed can be increased by passing a high current between the electrodes, the amount of ion exchange resin filled between the electrodes is reduced as much as possible to minimize the amount of ions eluted from the ion exchange resin. Therefore, a higher purity solution can be generated.