We are accepting requests for contract analysis of our products. Please fill in the necessary information and submit the form. If you wish, we can also perform the analysis in your presence.

<<Analysis Examples>>

NDMA analysis
Measurement of n-nitrosamines, a carcinogen that is currently a worldwide problem and able to perform highly sensitive measurements at levels of several ng/L (in NDMA) without enrichment.
Cleanliness analysis
Measurement of automobile parts, industrial sewing machine parts, metal processed parts before heat treatment, and water analysis
Water analysis
Industrial water in Osaka, tap water in Chiba Prefecture, quantitative/qualitative analysis of NDMA

<<Target equipment>>

Cleanliness evaluation equipment
Ion removal equipment
Electrolyte generator
Cation concentration measurement device
Anion concentration measurement device
Detectors (chemiluminescence detectors, UV/vis, conductivity detectors, RI detectors)
Hydrogen concentration measurement device
Ultrapure water production equipment
Inorganic and organic ion analyzer: Ion chromatograph
NDMA analyzer

Please contact us for details on models and other equipment.